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Over the past 20 years I have immersed myself in the art of stringed instrument repair and maintenance. This meticulous and time-consuming discipline pays homage to the current and past masters. D'Ambrosio Guitars specializes in the restoration and care of all fretted instruments that are of historical significance. Pictured below are some of the endeavors that have been completed in my workshop. Please contact me if you are in the need of museum quality attention, I'm always happy to discuss the details of a particular repair process and aid you in the preservation of your most prized possessions.

1956 D'Angelico New Yorker

If this job wasn't daunting enough this particular guitar was owned by one of the most influential guitar players ever known. Rock legend Stephen Stills contacted me in the fall of 2008 and asked me to fix his guitar.

1990 D'Aquisto Excel-12

When celluloid breaks down the chemicals crystallize and release the by-product Ammonia, this gas rapidly oxidizes the wood in affected areas, leaving terrible irregular scars drifting into the wood through the end grain of the binding channel.