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New Spray Booth
by Otto D'Ambrosio on August 05th, 2016
The Spray Booth installers came today and put up the booth. Not a easy task to do in Southern California. It will not be long till there is some finishing getting done here.
New Craftsman Sander Resto
by Otto D'Ambrosio on June 05th, 2016
I just found a Craftsman 6X48" sander for less than $100. Most important tool of a Guitar Shop. Can't wait to get it running. Brand new Baldor motor and GE Power Switch.
Looks too Clean for a Shop
by Otto D'Ambrosio on May 20th, 2016
Here is the Beginning of my new Workshop located in Eastman, CA. Tools just moved in. Brightly lit and so clean.
California Abalone
by Otto D'Ambrosio on December 01st, 2015
Look what we found, Northern California Abalone. Sustainable harvested and tagged by the Fish and Wildlife Agency. Sure it will make some pretty inlays.
Sustainable California Abalone
Guitar #1711 is now available on Vimeo
by Otto D'Ambrosio on September 01st, 2015
Vimeo Link
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