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The Square Tail Gourd
by Otto D'Ambrosio on June 03rd, 2015
Finished up this little peach over the weekend. The Sinker Redwood top has the tightest grain lines/inch I have ever seen, must be a 250 year old tree, and the Rosewood is stunning as well.They sure don't make trees like this anymore. This new Idea combines the bridge geometry of a Archtop guitar, but constructed around Flattop form.
Speaking of original Block inlays
by Otto D'Ambrosio on May 08th, 2015
This is a original Epiphone Sheraton w/bigsby. The simple V block pattern is one of the classics adopted by a few companies. The blocks on the bench are some Guild inlays I had in the drawer. Notice how similar they are.
Epiphone Sheraton and Guild inlays
Sunrise inlay
by Otto D'Ambrosio on May 05th, 2015
I have always been a big fan of large Fingerboard inlays, The large pearl blocks on a old L-5 or the massive Split block on a D'Agelcio New Yorker. But finding large pieces of new high quality MOP is sometimes difficult, not to mention not so cool these days. Luckily, I have been sitting a stash of pearl that was cut for the fashion industry many years ago. I'm planning on mixing with maple burl and abalone to create a classic sunrise pattern in a flame maple fingerboard. Check out the start of this laborious step!
D'Ambrosio Finger Board Sunrise Pattern
3rd Sunrise inlay
Sam Maloof
by Otto D'Ambrosio on April 22nd, 2015
A couple weeks ago we visited the Sam and Alfreda Maloof foundation in Alta Loma CA. Which now I live only a few miles from. What a beautiful legacy this couple had left on art and furniture. Sam and his contemporaries were the woodworkers that paved the way for guitar makers of today. The mind of a furniture maker is so similar to that of a Guitar maker, Working beautiful wood, sculpting graceful curves and executing perfect joinery. I know I have gained so much experience from Furniture design. I always enjoy talking about wood and design with two of the best furniture builders I know Hank Gilpin and John Dunnigan of Rhode Island. Here are a couple images of the Wonderful living space of Sam and Alfreda.
The Foundation Grounds
Sam on his stair case.
Maloof Rocker
Remembering D'Aqustio Restorations
by Otto D'Ambrosio on April 15th, 2015
Just remembering my good friend Jeff, I don't know if I learned more from working through his unbelievable collection or talking with Jeffery. Our discussions spiraled around the center of creative thought and how it can rewrite self imposed limitations. The funny thing is the restorations them selves served as a wonderful metaphor for what is, and when complete, what can be. I can't wait till next we speak.
12 string Resto
Jeff and his 12 string D'Agustio Much work went into this one
For the full story visit D'Aqustio 12 Restoration
A very Impressive collection of Jimmy D'Aquisto's finest
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