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LA bound
by Otto D'Ambrosio on August 08th, 2014
D'Ambrosio Guitars is moving to The west coast.
Los Angles
Stephen Stills is Still at it
by Otto D'Ambrosio on July 15th, 2014
From time to time I hear through the grapevine what Mr. Stills is up to. Today CSN is playing the Providence performing Arts Center. For the warm up act Stephen searched the local guitar scene in providence and found my good friends, Empire Guitars. He had the Empire guys bring down a couple of their most collectible Stratocasters and Gretch instruments. He bought them on the spot. Only heard stories like that from colleagues about what it was like in the 70's dealing vintage guitars. 40 years later, I could only imagine the collection!

Pictured here is the same 1956 New Yorker I restored for him, For the entire story Stills and his broken D'Angelcio

Stephen Stills
Stephen with his 50's D'Angelcio New Yorker
Paul's Parlor
by Otto D'Ambrosio on June 30th, 2014
This is the day! Paul get's his Guitar. He has named her "Irene". I refer to this beauty as more of a concept. Introducing... D'Ambrosio Arched Flattop Mod Parlor Guitar. Too long I guess, lets just call her Irene. So this is how most of The interstate transactions happen. It all begins with a exit, usually off of NJ turnpike some where around New Brunswick.

A Hand Shake to follow, Guitar in hand of the new owner.

D'Ambrosio Parlor
Paul's first gaze.

Then a good bye song

D'Ambrosio and little Irene
Good Bye my little love.

Then all that is left is the beautiful pictures by David Perluck Photography

D'Ambrosio Arched Flattop Mod Parlor Guitar front
D'Ambrosio Arched Flattop Mod Parlor Guitar back
The flow
by Otto D'Ambrosio on June 28th, 2014
From time to time I get messages from the owner of this D'Aquisto I delivered off today. It is nice to pair the message with the work, it really makes everything worth it.

"The Newness of Life can only dawn in a mind that is Simply Present and Open... Consider that there was never Really a status quo... no 'normal' to conform to or maintain... Believe you me, it is More than Enough to just Be Present... As far as the Creative Flow, that is Always So, a Fundamental Constant, that the Waking Mind Recognizes and Turns To for Everything... That is where All the Possibility Is, the Infinite Abundance, the Out of this world Intelligence that Ultimately Directs All living things, places, events, and circumstances... Currently, our overall or collective understanding is somewhat dim... dulled, dazed, and confused, perhaps better describes this general state... and this is why the overall state of humanity and world affairs is so sadly lacking in the Creative Understanding so key in shifting the paradigm from scarcity and competitive conflict to one of Creative Cooperation and Abundance."

1979 D'Aquisto New Yorker. All ready to leave the shop.
1979 D'Aquisto New Yorker with D'Ambrosio
by Otto D'Ambrosio on May 22nd, 2014
Introducing one of my favorite guitar people, with all her guitar making passion and vision that somehow I forgot, Rachel Rosenkrantz. I'm honored to know and to share a work shop with you.
Rachel at our open studio
Rachel playing a D'Ambrosio Prelude
For more info on what this woman is all about please visit Rachel Rocks
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