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Modern Parlor
by Otto D'Ambrosio on January 18th, 2014
I have this idea for a small bodied guitar. Hope it's a successful thought. it certainly will not be you grandfather's parlor. I have two in the Works now, This one is old Brazilian/Red spruce, with a rather large side port, adjustable bridge & fixed tailpiece. Check out the difference in size between it, and the huge new 18" Archtop. Wow, I wonder which one will sound bigger?
New Yorker time!
by Otto D'Ambrosio on January 11th, 2014
It's about that time, NY'er time. Full wood rebinding on this one. That's 7 ply top and back and 4 on the sides. It will prove to be a undertaking for sure. cant wait to give this most stunning D'Aquisto life.
PBS Wednesday
by Otto D'Ambrosio on December 01st, 2013
If you missed the screenings so far this Fall and would like to catch Guitar #1711 on Television, well this is it. December 4, at 10:30pm we will make our broadcast debut on WSBE, PBSRI. WSBE Rhode Island PBS transmits standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) programming over the air on digital 36.1; on Rhode Island cable: Cox 08 / 1008HD, Verizon FiOS 08 / 508HD, and Full Channel 08; on Massachusetts cable: Comcast 819HD and Verizon FiOS 18 / 518HD; on satellite: DirecTV 36 / 3128HD, Dish Network 7776. Guitar #1711 Trailer
Toms Twins
by Otto D'Ambrosio on November 19th, 2013
Not identical but similar, D'Ambrosio 17" Prelude and 16" oval Allegro will age together.
RI Foundation Blog
by Otto D'Ambrosio on November 10th, 2013
Here is a link to a blog on what D'Ambrosio Guitars Has been up to. Take a read and please share if you like. RI Foundation Story
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