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"If you ever find yourself searching to contact one of the finest luthier/repairman to carefully watch over your prized fretted possessions, you'd want to entrust your baby to Matt D'Ambrosio, whom you'd soon discover, by no strange coincidence, also happens to be one fine guitar maker."
John Monteleone
Being a mainly self taught craftsman without a mechanical background, I've always been interested in seeing how other people develop their skills. Witnessing part of Matt's creative process in the time we spent together in my Staten Island workshop was a joy as well as a privilege. Matt's work as a maker of archtop guitars is characterized by his thoughtful and original designs as well as his deeply skillful execution. His chops as a repairman and restorer of old and valuable guitars are nothing short of amazing. As for me, he seems to be raising the bar for what is either possible or permissible in Guitar Land.
Flip Scipio, Scipio Guitars
There's no sign on the door. But if you look up high, you can see a big guitar in the window. A giant, impossible guitar. Way above you.
It's a steep climb up to Otto's level. Seems like the risers get steeper the closer you get but it's worth the effort. Exceptional guitars made here.
Otto is unique. His intuitive and idiosyncratic approach to making guitars is supported by many years of experience. His amazing natural talent is grounded in a deep knowledge of his discipline that is the result of years of practice. It's in his head and in his hands and in his ear and in his eye.
Otto is really generous and has been willing to share with me some of his vast knowledge of the luthier's art. I've learned a lot from him and yet it is true that the more I come to know, the more obvious it becomes how little I know of what Otto knows.

John Dunnigan,
Professor, Furniture Design
Rhode Island School of Design

Otto's guitars are, in a word, GREAT! They are great sounding, great looking and great playing. His leaps are quantum and his attention to detail is legendary; if not completely anal. His highly developed senses of esthetic certainly push the contemporary envelope, while also being considerate and respectful of historical tradition. Otto has definitely established himself as one of the "Young Lions". My Model O-One is, oh one of my favorite archtops! The dude is also a cool guy and a lot of fun to hang out with!!
Jeff Doctorow, Guitarist/Collector
Light, incredibly well balanced, with an enormous round acoustic voice complemented by terrific sustain that is somehow perhaps even exceeded by its amplified sound, a delightful instrument. While my D'Ambrosio Allegro carries a much larger voice, its 16” lower bout and sloped shoulder design makes it an incredibly comfortable guitar. Concisely, it's just a great archtop guitar!
Stephen Obermeyer, Collings Guitars
Beyond all of Matt's radically refreshing beautiful guitars what astonishes me the most is the sound. The guitars I have played combine the clarity and volume of a flattop acoustic with the woody sweetness of a jazz guitar. Playing one is an experience for there is no antidote, other than owning one.
Stan Jay,  Mandolin Brothers, Ltd.
Otto is the real deal.
Mike Tanaka, Guitarist
Otto D'Ambrosio custom built me his model El Rey. This beautiful instrument is the perfect union between small Jazz archtop and high performance electric. The special internal neck block cutaway creates sustain and resonance wile keeping the feedback in check. I have finally found what I've always been searching for in a stable and durable road-ready acoustic/electric instrument. The aesthetic and tonal aspects of this instrument were tailored for my specific wishes and, I could not be happier with the work. Otto is also a great guy, and will meticulously work with your needs as a player, possibly even goes beyond.
Jim Robitaille, Guitarist
I can't wait to get the Oval holed jazz guitar that you are building for me. A similar guitar blew me away when I played it at the Montreal guitar festival. It had all the qualities of a great Jazz Box as well as some of the best qualities of an acoustic and even a Gypsy Jazz guitar. Depending on how I played it, I could get almost anything I wanted out of it. It also had amazing sensitivity and the neck felt fantastic in my hands. This will be my second D'Ambrosio. My first one, a more traditional f-hole guitar always draws a crowd wherever I play it; I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I would sell it. At any rate thanks again for making me such fantastic one of a kind instruments and working so closely with me to make sure that everything about the guitar is the way I like it!
Thomas Tsouris, Guitarist/Collector